[pacman-dev] cannot login (was: [translation] Let's start the work for 3.5.0 release)

matthias at archlinux.de matthias at archlinux.de
Mon Mar 7 08:33:50 EST 2011

I cannot login at transifex. A DE translation team leader is already
registered as "tlaloc" - that's my nick from bbs.archlinux.org. He uses
my regular e-mail address (see above). However, I cannot login with my
password from bbs. I tried to register as a new user with a different
address, but this user is denied access to the German translation team.
I would be glad if someone with appropiate permissions could send me
tlalocs password to the address given above (it's me, anyway, and
essentially it's Pierre's server - pretty secure). For obvious reasons,
please don't reply to the list.

Alternatively, you could assign the new user "Matthias_Gorissen" to the
German translation team.

All the best,

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