[pacman-dev] Debug symbol packages bikeshedding

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Tue Mar 20 10:02:14 EDT 2012

I have been looking at the patches for automatic creation of packages
with debug symbols.  I think they are good starts, but before I polish
them we need to decide on a few things.  My preferences are highlighted
with a (*)

1) the option in makepkg.conf and PKGBUILD options=() array
 - debug (*)
 - debugpkg
 - splitdbg
 - splitdebug

2) the naming of the package with debug symbols
 - foo-dbg
 - foo-debug (*)
 - foo-debuginfo
 - foo-debug-symbols

(Note -dbg is Debian style, -debuginfo is RPM style, and -debug
potentially conflicts with a few packages in the AUR but none in the
Arch repos...)

3) what information the .PKGINFO file has:

pkgdesc="Debugging symbols for $pkgname"

Must be included:
 - pkgname
 - pkgver/pkgrel/epoch/arch as in parent package
 - depends=(parent=$epoch:$pkgver-$pkgrel)
 - license

Should be included?
 - url
 - replaces
 - conflicts

Do not include:
 - groups
 - provides
 - backup
 - install
 - changelog


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