[pacman-dev] Please make the colourised output exactly like that of "pacman-color"

Simon Gomizelj simongmzlj at gmail.com
Wed Jun 5 23:09:27 EDT 2013

On Tue, May 28, 2013 at 04:09:49PM +1000, Xavion wrote:
> Thanks for the prompt and detailed reply.  I will happily wait for those
> patches to be merged, and then modify mine if necessary.  I will also look
> into resubmitting it, and any future ones, via Git.  As I haven't done any
> collaborative coding in several years, there's been no need to advance
> beyond Subversion :-).
> Also, I've thought of two other things since sending my last email.  Would
> you prefer that I merge my new code into the "string_display()" and
> "list_display()" functions.  Doing so would make my patch less of a
> band-aid solution.  I didn't do this at first in case you didn't want me
> messing with those functions.
> Secondly, you'll notice that the "Description" text was yellow in the
> screenshot attached to my last email.  Similarly, I'd like to make the
> "Conflicts With" text red if you're okay with it.  These colours are
> normally used for warnings and errors respectively.  Are you happy for me
> to reuse them for different reasons here?

Hi, I did most of the work on pacman's colour support and the author of
the patches Allan pointed out to you.

I'm actually looking to completely remove the *_display family of
functions. They're old and inefficient and need to replaced with
something far less clunky to represent tables (pacman already has three
unique table representations in the code base. I'm currently working to
merge too of them).

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