[pacman-dev] [PATCH 0/5] Splitting up makepkg into libmakepkg

Ashley Whetter ashley at awhetter.co.uk
Sun Sep 1 11:40:45 EDT 2013

On 2013-08-31 07:26, Allan McRae wrote:
> On 25/08/13 22:14, awhetter.2011 at my.bristol.ac.uk wrote:
>> From: Ashley Whetter <awhetter.2011 at my.bristol.ac.uk>
>> In preparation for creating a makepkg test suite I've started 
>> splitting makepkg
>> up into libmakepkg.
>> Currently I've only split out the downloading and extracting 
>> functions.
>> Everything else has gone into utils.
>> I decided to keep get_url and get_downloadclient out of the downloads 
>> library
>> because they depend on the format of PKGBUILDs.
>> So the new dependency graph looks like this:
>> http://files.awhetter.co.uk/permanent/makepkg_resolved_deps_v2.png
>> Whereas the old one looked like this:
>> http://files.awhetter.co.uk/permanent/makepkg_resolved_deps.png
>> Allan McRae (2):
>>   makepkg: run locally with libtool style wrapper
>>   makepkg: add LIBRARY variable
>> Ashley Whetter (3):
>>   Moved makepkg functions into a library
>>   Moved makepkg download functions into libmakepkg
>>   Moved makepkg extraction functions into libmakepkg
> Given the third patch is too big to get to the mailing list (and
> figuring out how to approve things is too much effort for me), can you
> push your git repo somwhere we can have a look at things?
> Allan

Sure. You can see the changes here: 


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