[pacman-dev] [PATCH 0/5] Splitting up makepkg into libmakepkg

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Tue Sep 3 01:40:24 EDT 2013

On 02/09/13 01:40, Ashley Whetter wrote:
> On 2013-08-31 07:26, Allan McRae wrote:
>> On 25/08/13 22:14, awhetter.2011 at my.bristol.ac.uk wrote:
>>> From: Ashley Whetter <awhetter.2011 at my.bristol.ac.uk>
>>> In preparation for creating a makepkg test suite I've started
>>> splitting makepkg
>>> up into libmakepkg.
>>> Currently I've only split out the downloading and extracting functions.
>>> Everything else has gone into utils.
>>> I decided to keep get_url and get_downloadclient out of the downloads
>>> library
>>> because they depend on the format of PKGBUILDs.
>>> So the new dependency graph looks like this:
>>> http://files.awhetter.co.uk/permanent/makepkg_resolved_deps_v2.png
>>> Whereas the old one looked like this:
>>> http://files.awhetter.co.uk/permanent/makepkg_resolved_deps.png
>>> Allan McRae (2):
>>>   makepkg: run locally with libtool style wrapper
>>>   makepkg: add LIBRARY variable
>>> Ashley Whetter (3):
>>>   Moved makepkg functions into a library
>>>   Moved makepkg download functions into libmakepkg
>>>   Moved makepkg extraction functions into libmakepkg
>> Given the third patch is too big to get to the mailing list (and
>> figuring out how to approve things is too much effort for me), can you
>> push your git repo somwhere we can have a look at things?
>> Allan
> Sure. You can see the changes here:
> https://github.com/AWhetter/pacman/compare/makepkg-tests

Well...   I can see why it was rejected as too big!

I'm going to assume the first two patches are awesome (given I wrote
them...) and focus on your patches.

Here are my opinions - I'd appreciated other comments on this too.

1) I do not like moving everything out of makepkg immediately and the
moving it again.   I'd much prefer to just move out sections at a time.
So it would be great to just focus on the download functions first and
once we get that sorted and committed move on to other sections.

2) At the end of this patch series we have ended up with this in makepkg:

 source $LIBRARY/downloads.sh
 source $LIBRARY/extractions.sh
 source $LIBRARY/utils.sh

I think it would be best to have a file $LIBRARY/source.sh that is
sourced in makepkg and its role it to source all the components of the

3) Focusing just on the downloads split, how split should we go?  It has
download_sources which calls download_{local,file,"vcs"} as needed.  I
was thinking:


The download.sh file would source all the files in the download
directory and carry the download_sources function.

@Dave: Your input would be particularly helpful here.

4) Copyright years in new file.   I guess we should a git blame on
makepkg and have the copyright years of the new files cover the range of
the commits to those files.  We also need to be careful about the other
people listed at the top of the makepkg file, but I guess there is
almost zero contribution left by them in makepkg these days.


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