[pacman-dev] pacman-disowned

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Mon Sep 30 22:39:12 EDT 2013

On 30/09/13 10:53, Jeremy Heiner wrote:
> Hi, Allan,
> You correctly surmised the purpose of the script. Sorry for not being
> more explicit about that. I agree that a package manager bears no
> responsibility for files it does not track. But I also think it is
> very helpful to be able to easily tell exactly which files are being
> dealt with by the package manager and which files got onto the system
> by other means. And the package manager is the only thing that is able
> to provide that information.
> What I'm thinking of is an enhanced "-Qkk". It would provide the same
> info (in a more compact form) for managed files, but it would also let
> you know about any unmanaged files it finds within the directories it
> is responsible for. Does that make a little more sense?

Can you give some example output so that we can understand what
"enhanced -Qkk" means.

Also, look at "pacman -Qo /home" and note it is tracked in Arch Linux.
There are a lot of unmanaged files in that directory...  How will that
be managed?


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