[pacman-dev] [PATCH] Added better colourisation support for the "-{Q, S}i" operation.

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Sat Apr 23 01:04:11 UTC 2016

On 23/04/16 10:07, Xavion wrote:
>> To follow up this patch.   I have pulled the changes for the group
>> selection dialog and the -Qo/-Fo output.
> If your only beef is with this patch, why pull the other ones as well?  I
> split them away - like you asked me to - so that they're completely
> unrelated to this one.  In fact, that's precisely what has caused the
> abovementioned conflict.

I think there was a mix up there - those two patches have been pulled to
my local git branch to be applied at some point.

>> Unless there is something simple that has not been submitted, this is as
>> far as I am willing to go on adding colour for now.  Any other changes
>> should first be discussed in a separate thread.
> After reading what I've written above, please reconsider your stance on
> this.  I've gone to a lot of trouble with these patches and I think many
> 'pacman' users are (secretly) hoping that they'll be accepted/included.

The -S/Qi patch is too intrusive for a feature that that I am not
enthused about including (I believe Andrew has reservations about this
patch too).  It adds very little to the readability of the output.

I included the group dialog colour patch - I am not sold on it, but
there is some gain in breaking the bold text by highlighting the group
names, particularly if multiple groups are being installed. The repo
names are also mildly helpful being highlighted.

The -F/Qo patch was accepted on the basis of using similar colours to
that already in the -S/Q/Fs output.

I am still questioning the advantage of colour the repo/version/groups
in all the -s and -o outputs though.  I see the advantage in
highlighting the package name and the installed state.  The rest I need
to decide on.


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