[pacman-dev] Proposal to split out makepkg integrity methods

Ashley Whetter ashley at awhetter.co.uk
Thu Apr 28 21:01:48 UTC 2016

Hello everyone,

I'm looking to split some makepkg methods out into a of makepkg.sh.in and into a new libmakepkg module.

My plan is to have an "integrity" folder in libmakepkg. In this folder there would be a "generate.sh" file with the `generate_checksums`, `generate_one_checksum`, and `create_signature` methods. Another file, "check.sh" would contain `check_source_integrity`and it's dependencies; namely `check_checksums`, `check_pgpsigs`, `parse_gpg_statusfile`, `verify_integrity_sums`, and `verify_integrity_one`.
"integrity" would depend on "util/pkgbuild.sh" as `check_checksums` and `verify_integrity_sum` both call `array_build`, and `check_pgpsigs` calls `get_all_sources` and `get_all_sources_for_arch`.
I also plan on moving `get_integlist` into "util/pkgbuild.sh", or maybe into an "integrity/util.sh" file (but "util/pkgbuild.sh" makes more sense to me).

Another option would be to have an "integrity.sh" file under "integrity" (or maybe some other name) and also a "signature.sh" file, and to split the methods by whether they are related to strictly integrity checking or signature checking.

Are there any thoughts or suggestions on this plan of attack?


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