[pacman-dev] Please make the colourised output exactly like that of "pacman-color"

Daniel Micay danielmicay at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 03:02:50 UTC 2016

> Colour should be used to highlight the important information.  How do
> you decide the URL is more important than the dependencies for -Si?
> Why
> is the number of packages being installed highlighted yellow when that
> is only used for warnings?

Agreed in general, but it makes sense to reuse the same colors for the
same classes of information across different commands. The package
names, repositories, groups and versions have color in -Ss/-Qs so it
makes sense to reuse those same colors in the -Si output and perhaps
elsewhere like the -Su output.

It makes it easier to visually jump to the right place in the output if
there are some consistently colored lines. It doesn't all need color.

I don't use Pacman enough that I'd benefit from any of this though...
only upgrades, occasionally package installation and rarely a search or
query command.
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