[pacman-dev] [PATCH 3/5] sync: lookup missing keys in the WKD using the packager email

Jonas Witschel diabonas at gmx.de
Mon Aug 5 15:37:28 UTC 2019


thank you for the review!

On 2019-08-05 13:14, Allan McRae wrote:
>> +							errors = alpm_list_add(errors, email);
>>  							errors = alpm_list_add(errors, strdup(key));
> I don't like this.   Storing two strings as adjacent items in the list.
> I'd prefer a small two item struct.
> Any other opinions on this?

Done, it now uses a struct with two members "email" and "keyid". A bit
more work because we need to free the strings manually now, but I agree
it is much cleaner.

>> +/** Extract the email address from a User ID
>> + * @param uid User ID to parse in the form "Example Name <email at address.invalid>"
>> [...]
>> +	start = strrchr(uid, '<');
> This makes a strong assumption that "<" is not used within an email
> address.  The use of that character is technically valid, provided it is
> quoted.
> I am happy with that assumption, but we need to add a check in
> libmakpkeg to reject emails containing it.
> In fact, our PACKAGER variable has no enforced format at all...

I sent a separate patch for libmakepkg to issue a warning if PACKAGER
doesn't have the expected format. I opted for a warning instead of a
hard error because I don't know what other distributions using pacman do
- for Arch the "Example Name <email at address.invalid>" is used
consistently by all packagers (except for Xyne, who doesn't use an email
address at all).

>> +int _alpm_email_from_uid(const char *uid, char **email);
> Rename to:
> _alpm_email_from_packager()

Done, this also affected "[PATCH 4/5] be_package: lookup missing keys in
the WKD using the packager email" because the function is used there as

I also published the updated patch series as the "wkd-v2" branch of

Kind regards,

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