[pacman-dev] Blockers for releasing pacman-6.0.0?

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Mon Mar 8 04:37:51 UTC 2021

Hi all,

I think the 6.0.0 release is roughly ready to go.

Here are my known blockers:

1) Remove "total download" callback
There is a patch submitted which I briefly looked at.  Need to do a
proper review, but looked fine apart from copy/paste issue with comment.

2) prevent spamming at the end of downloads when the top server in the
mirrorlist is bad.
I sent an RFC for this.  It is not the best of patches, but serves as a

The only other things I have in the roadmap on Flyspray are:

FS#61497 - add a timestamp file to repos
FS#65677 - [makepkg] not all source files get included in debug packages

Both are nice to have, but not regressions so can be delayed a release
(unless someone else propose patches in the meantime).

Is there anything else that people think is essential to get in
pacman-6.0.0?  I know there are a few other downloader issues listed in
the meta-bug, but I think these are not critical and can be future


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