[arch-dev-public] 2007.08 Don't Panic Isos release

Damir Perisa damir.perisa at solnet.ch
Wed Aug 8 16:05:21 EDT 2007

Wednesday 08 August 2007, Aaron Griffin wrote:
 | I find it rather funny that one can say this is "a typical example
 | of not escaping special chars", implying that it happens SO OFTEN
 | that it can be called "typical", yet we are against fixing this.
we are not against fixing it. but fixing it means fixing the apps not 
the file. 

i'm from a country that uses quite often öäüéàè in its language and 
naming accordingly. i remember the times where windows (2.0 or so) 
had big trouble if you try to type in your native langauge something 
in a file and then move it to another computer on a floppy and see 
questionmarks and realise that it is a computer that cannot handle 
this codepage and therefore cannot open your file. nowadays people 
would laugh on this situation... nobody (end-users!) would consider 
not using öäü in their daily filenames. why not? because it simply 
works in all software. 

matter of fact: they (the mass of end users) are actually also using 
apostrophes and other curiosities in their filenames. and windows 
seems to work happily now with it after decades of developement. 

 | I'm with cactus on this. This is silly. There is a problem. It has
 | been stated and shown to exist, yet I still see this "fix the rest
 | of the world, we're in the right" attitude that I just find...
 | well, daft.

call me daft but somebody must start with the attitude to try to fix 
the world. sometimes you are right and the world is wrong ;-)

i do not want to play devils advocate or be stubborn holding an 
argument. no i want to promote awareness on a problem that is 
happening "so often" that we instead of promoting its fixing promote 
a workaround. 

<philosophical text>
linux and open source projects are often blamed for the lack of 
standards. i think we are not lacking standards but processes 
promoting fixes and enhancements that have little immediate effects 
but longterm cleanup and stabilizing function. once the devs accept 
that the apostrophe is a valid char in any string and not only a 
boundary char, it would be a start for cleaner code and less security 
fixes because of proper handling of things in the beginning. 
</philosophical text>



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