[arch-dev-public] Archlinux [current] status

Paul Mattal paul at mattal.com
Fri May 11 10:31:15 EDT 2007

Travis Willard wrote:
>> So right now we have a _lot_ of orphans (627 at the time of this
>> writing).  Here's what I'd like you all to do:
> 593 now - it's going down, whoo

Actually, this is a very good time for anyone who wants to orphan things
they want.. while others are in the mode of picking things up. You can
always go take it again later if nobody else wants it.

Just something to think about. I know I shed a few packages and picked
up several significant new ones.

If Judd wishes, I will take Postgres. I already took the libs package
with that in mind.

Hoping to do some updates on my new packages over the next week.

- P

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