[arch-dev-public] The Arch-ization of packages

James Rayner iphitus at gmail.com
Sat Nov 3 17:05:26 EDT 2007

On Sun, November 4, 2007 04:48, Jeff 'codemac' Mickey wrote:
> * On Saturday, November 03 2007, Tobias Powalowski wrote:
>>Im against the non archifying, on screenshots you only see the distro
>> that
>>runs because of the wallpaper or splash screens nowhere else.
> I agree with tpowa here, I think the arch branding should be kept.  I
> think
> it does a lot for our own PR.  If users don't like it, they can complain
> and we'll change it back.
> As far as suggested standardization of it, I think that is a good idea as
> well.  It gives a unified look.  But I don't think it's something we
> should
> push up to the front of the todo list though... there are many things more
> important than it.

I'll agree on the consistency... and if we're going to customise it, at
least make it look professional. For example, I really dislike the current
KDE splash, it looks pretty average. For at least one or two releases
after 'Wombat' it still included the wombat outline. Or in XFCE... the
Arch Linux window border really looks tacky. I don't think it's default
any more though, fortunately.

That's what we don't want. I'd prefer to have default, but if we do
customise anything, make it consistent, professional and easy to remove.

Take a look at the screenshot thread on the forums. Nobody keeps the
defaults (or at least among those who post there) . So, do we really need
to have them?


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