[arch-dev-public] qt4 timeframe? stoppers? breaks? anything in the wheels?

Pierre Schmitz pierre at archlinux.de
Thu Jan 3 19:24:24 EST 2008

Am Freitag, 4. Januar 2008 00:38:55 schrieb Aaron Griffin:
> I think one of the pending things is a german translation.

Afaik Matthias is working on this. I'll ask him if there is still some work to 

> Also, 
> testing is always appreciated. Both of these things will help get
> pacman out the door faster, and both of them you could help with, if
> you're waiting on it.

If translation are the only showstoppers atm. I would suggest to just put it 
into [testing]. Translations do not need to be perfect when testing pacman 
and it would not hurt if some outputs are still in english.

If there are no critical bugs which might mess up your system it would be nice 
to see pacman 3.1 in [testing].


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