[arch-dev-public] What should we do with the wine package?

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Sat Jul 5 21:53:28 EDT 2008

Eduardo Romero wrote:
> Hi,
> Some users would think we should keep wine 1.0.x on extra since it is
> the stable version. Some users would disagree as many bugs will never be
> fixed in the stable 1.0.x tree and many features will not be added
> neither. I have suggestions:
> 1) wine 1.0.x in extra and wine-devel 1.1.0 and beyond which will
> provide and conflict with wine, as well in extra.
> 2) Latest wine version always in extra, as this is an evolutionary
> package, and people like to have the latest version of it.
> 3) wine 1.0.x in extra and wine-devel 1.1.0 and beyond in unstable.
> Please, add your suggestions, but I would like 1 or 2 to become the
> solution, I really don't like 3, since wine isn't unstable, just ever
> changing and adding features.

I see the difficulty. It looks like wine 1.1.x is released every two 
weeks so will be much like the old wine releases that people always 
wanted really quickly...   But it is marked as the developmental branch 
now and in general we ship the latest stable package.

I'd go with #2 and see how many complaints you get.


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