[arch-dev-public] [signoff] kernel26 2.6.26-1 and related module packages

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Wed Jul 23 08:49:45 EDT 2008

Eric Belanger schrieb:
> lirc has been updated to 0.8.3 and built against 2.6.26-1 in testing.
> I've also fix/implemented 2 bug reports at the same time:
> - fixed daemon script to facilitate the use of IR devices that don't
>   create device (close FS#9767)
> - enabled IR transmitters support (close FS#9709)
> I don't have any IR device so I could only minimally test it. Feedback 
> about success or problems  would be nice.

Thank you very much. Gerhard Brauer sent me patches for madwifi, I will 
update it as well.

This leaves the following:


These are i686-only binary modules. I say we leave them there until a) I 
get motivation to fix them or b) a user sends us a patch. Maintaining 
them has always been a PITA and I wonder if it's worth it.


Has been broken for quite some time (2.6.24 I think), we just leave it 
until Tom fixes it.


I say drop it. We used the wlan-ng USB driver for some exotic hardware, 
which apart from Tom nobody used (and his is broken now). This hardware 
is probably supported by p54usb now anyway.

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