[arch-dev-public] Upcoming gpm soname bump

Eric Belanger belanger at ASTRO.UMontreal.CA
Tue Jun 17 23:46:51 EDT 2008

On Tue, 3 Jun 2008, Eric Belanger wrote:

> Hi all,
> My gpm package is out-of-date and the new version has a soname bump. I'll do 
> the rebuilds, at least for x86_64. If someone has time and would be willing 
> to do the i686 packages, let me know. That'll save me some work. Otherwise, 
> I'll build them after the x86_64 ones.
> The following packages have gpm as a depends (except 
> gstreamer0.10-good-plugins) and will be rebuilt:

The rebuilt packages are now in testing for x86_64. The i686 ones will be 
there tomorrow.  If I missed a package and you get assigned the bug 
report, add me to the assignees.  I'll do the rebuild.

> aalib
> brltty - Current package is out-of-date and new version has soname bump.
>         Only orca depends on it so I could update it and rebuild orca.
>        Jan: what do you think? Or would it be better to just rebuild brltty?

I just rebuilt brltty. I didn't want to take any chance especially since 
I've done major changes to mc and don't really know how to test that 
accessibility stuff.

> elinks
> fte
> gstreamer0.10-good-plugins
> jed
> lde
> links
> mc - I need a mc directory in the 'other' directory on the ftp server to
>     put a patch (FS#9913). Eliott is aware of that but if another admin has
>     time...

Can one of the admin (Aaron?) create the directory? Eliott quit and Simo 
removed himself from the assignees.

- I've improved the utf8 support so it will replace the mc-utf8 package 
in community. That should close  FS#5078.
- I've applied several patches from Gentoo that seemed to be useful. They 
will fix FS#6397 among other bugs.
- I 've enabled samba support and other configure switches (FS#7553)
- BTW, I haven't tested it extensively as I don't use mc or UTF8. So it 
might be nice if someone can test it more. I've posted comments in AUR and 
in the bug reports to get input and testing from users.

> vim - I'll update the patchset so vi and gvim will also be updated.

Patchset has been updated.

> xaos
> xemacs
> When rebuilding I'll fix missing licenses and non-FSH man pages. If there are 
> other minor pending bugs about these packages that I could fix let me know. I 
> don't plan moving that to testing before Sunday night so you have a few days.

I plan keeping these package in testing for 1-2 weeks to make sure 
everything has been rebuilt and because of the major changes to mc. When 
I'll think it will be ready to move out of testing, I'll post the signoff 
thread for gpm and the other rebuilt core packages.


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