[arch-dev-public] [signoff] kbd and klibc-kbd

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Sat Mar 15 17:40:32 EDT 2008

Roman Kyrylych schrieb:
> Hi!
> After days of extreme hacking and scratching my head I'm happy to present them:
> * kbd-
> * klibc-kbd-1.15.20080312-1
> Don't scare those pkgrels.
> There are many good reasons that I've used the latest git versions.
> (Actually, klibc support was added by current maintainer on my request,
> and 2 patches I've made today are still not in git.)
> What has changed:
> * replaced statically built binaries with klibcified ones (saves
> almost 2Megabytes!)
> * heavily modified keymap hooks, fixed some bugs
> * at least 2 bugs in our bugtracker closed by the latest mainstream changes
> * in *euro.maps 'currency' was changed to 'euro' (by mainstream)
> * many nice things for Cyrillic alphabet users
> * splitted hooks and klibcified binaries into a separate package
> (this will allow to update them separately, and was required in this case).
> Both i686 and x86_64 packages available (thanks Thomas!).
> Please signoff. ;-)

Note that those MUST NOT be moved to core until mkinitcpio's 
dependencies are fixed. I will make release new mkinitcpio version soon 
(maybe today, depends on how much testing I can get done). If anyone is 
interested, the changes are in mkinitcpio and klibc-extras git.

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