[arch-dev-public] pidgin maintainer wanted/where is pizzapunk?

Dusty Phillips dusty at linux.ca
Mon Aug 24 11:16:55 EDT 2009

> on the other site we should send again a ping out to all devs asking if
> they are still aboard. Alex(kth5) is also absent for years now and
> maybe more guys have silently left us.

I've been thinking about this a fair bit lately. I'd like to suggest
that we implement some kind of 'minimum contribution thresholds'. If
you don't maintain X packages or update within X days or respond to
bug reports (if we had them) within X days or close them within X
days, you're off the team. Obviously we'd probably have a coupla
strikes approach and some warnings and some protocol to allow people
to deliberately take time off for vacation or because they just need a
break. And people can always come back.

This would solve two problems:

1) People that don't contribute anymore wouldn't be in our dev list
and we'd know how many people are *really* contributing. This would
make new 'hire' decisions easier.

2) People who are trying to contribute but just don't feel like they
can keep up start to feel guilty for their lack of output. This would
tell them just how much they "should" be contributing so they can more
easily make decisions about quitting.


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