[arch-dev-public] I think we're ready for GNOME 3.8 in [testing]

Ionut Biru biru.ionut at gmail.com
Mon Apr 8 05:22:39 EDT 2013

On 04/08/2013 01:34 AM, Jan Alexander Steffens wrote:
> Salve, citizens!
> I think we're ready to push GNOME 3.8 into [testing], so our TUs can
> start doing the necessary [community] updates.
> What to do (from memory):
> - Move contents of [gnome-unstable] to [testing]
> - Get [community-testing] updates going. This affects IIRC
>   packages using libgee and js, since they received major upgrades.
>   If possible, upgrade to the current versions, else move depends to
>   the legacy libgee06 and js185.
> - Stabilize in [testing]. Move to [extra].
> - Drop gnome-games, got split. Drop gcalctool, got renamed.
> - Look into dropping as many legacy GNOME packages from
>   [extra] as we can, such as metacity, gnome-panel, gnome-screensaver,
>   gnome-games-extra-data, gnome-applets, gnome-themes-extra.
>   Maybe more, if we want to purge old stuff and demote it to [community]
>   or the AUR.
>  I probably forgot something. Reminders? Objections?

do eeeeett

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