[arch-dev-public] Silent removal of initscripts?

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Mon Jan 28 10:58:43 EST 2013

Am 28.01.2013 16:46, schrieb Dan McGee:
> I know we posted a news item back in November about the deprecation of
> old school rc.d scripts, but the current silent removal thing is not
> real cool, and one never knows what package is going to fail to start
> up next. Last week it was openvpn, today it appears samba has lost its
> script.

There are relevant mailing list posts about it:


I don't know where the mentioned package is, I couldn't find it.

I don't really see the problem - we said that we will not support
non-systemd systems starting January, and that is what is happening.

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