[arch-dev-public] Moving packages into community

Bartłomiej Piotrowski b at bpiotrowski.pl
Tue Feb 11 08:39:19 EST 2014

On 02/11/2014 02:37 AM, Sébastien Luttringer wrote:
> - Send a message on aur-general at al.org
> - Write some lines in the AUR package comments

I usually write a message directly to package maintainer, asking if he
see any problems deterring the package from inclusion. I really don't
see why I should forward/CC it to aur-general, especially when
requirements listed on the wiki are met.

> - Open a BR for inclusion
Unnecessary procedure bringing only noise to the bugtracker and
overcomplicating simple task.

> - Test his modification
I guess this is what most TUs do anyway before they push packages to

> - Start his communication with upstream
Makes sense only if software is problematic or upstream provides own

> - Request some feedback.
You can subscribe to arch-commits and forward your feedback to
arch-dev-public or request it directly here.

> So, fellow TU, could you verify, before moving a package from AUR to
> community, that it is not already in *and* not already in process of
> being included.
Address your issues to TU who modified your package. I can only speak
for myself, but it's clear to me that I'm late to the party if PKGBUILD
is already in svn.

Bartłomiej Piotrowski

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