[arch-events] Archcon: places to sleep and to eat?

Dusty Phillips dusty at archlinux.ca
Mon Jun 28 12:05:58 EDT 2010

>> Probably the majority of my time will be spent on York University
>> Campus in North York. Don't try to find anywhere to stay around there,
>> it's near Jane and Finch, the most dangerous area of town, and there
>> is absolutely NOTHING to do in the region.  It was an awful place to
>> be a student. ;)
> hmm. this place is pretty close to the conf area, and hence also
> Silverstone Drive (the place where I am considering to stay) :/

Nah, it's a fair distance. Neighborhoods in Toronto tend to change quickly.

> With downtown, you mean the York/Yonge/financial district area?

Downtown generally refers to the area between Bloor street and the
lakeshore, with the major concentration being between the Yonge and
University/spadina subway lines. (Subway lines are all named after the
streets they go below). It kind of extends beyond that, but that would
be the core. area.

> I seem to have underestimated a bit the magnitude of Toronto.
> From conf area to downtown is about 25-30 km, so it will
> be better if try to avoid going back forth every day.
> I think I'll do the Silverstone drive B&B around the
> conf, and for the non-conf days I'll find something else downtown,

I think it'd be about an hour by city transit between the downtown
area and the Humber area, so I agree that this is a good plan.


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