[arch-general] problem compiling for i586 with new makepkg

Massimiliano Brocchini brocchini at netseven.it
Sat Dec 15 05:18:47 EST 2007

I agree with Karolina.
Karolina I would like to encourage you to put a repository up for VIA
C3, I was interested in lowarch http://www.lowarch.org/ and I tested
it, but it seems dead/dormant.
I would like to have an archlinux version installable on a C3 so If
you need help (cpu power for compiling, testing, help with scripting,
etc) ask me and I'll see what I can do for you.


On 12/15/07, Karolina Lindqvist <karolina.lindqvist at kramnet.se> wrote:
> lördag 15 december 2007 skrev Dan McGee:
> > The arch= tag indicates that we, as the Arch Linux developers, have
> > successfully built a certain package on the given architecture. Since
> > we do not build for i586, we cannot make this claim and so do not add
> > this architecture to the arch= line.
> That is allright, but why abort "makepkg" on non-authorized architectures?
> Better to give a warning that this build is unauthorized, unsupported, or
> whatever, instead of aborting. To insert the i586 tag, to make the package
> build, just defeats the purpose as you describe it. Sharing that package
> might make others believe that it it is authorized by the archlinux
> developers.
> Karolina

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