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Simo Leone simo at archlinux.org
Sun Apr 13 03:12:41 EDT 2008

On Sat, Apr 12, 2008 at 01:48:58PM +0200, Jan de Groot wrote:
> I could update it again. The reason for patching it during froscon was
> that upstream azureus doesn't work with GNU java. 
Why do we care? What's wrong with depending on Sun's java package?

> Another thing was that
> the jarfile contains a lot of Windows and Mac OS X related things, the
> update manager doesn't work happily together with pacman packages and
> the upstream distribution contains either outdated copies of libraries
> where we have packages for, or just references to outdated copies that
> are incompatible with our installed versions.
Now some of that can be a problem.

> I had a look at the source, I can reduce some patches, as most are not
> needed anymore. Back then, I wrote two patches to remove some com.sun.*
> usage, they don't apply anymore and I have to check if they're still
> needed and if so, rewrite them.
See first response.

> Another thing I stumbled on were the dependencies:
> >=dev-java/bcprov-1.35:0
> >=dev-java/commons-cli-1.0:1
> >=dev-java/log4j-1.2.8:0
> >=dev-java/swt-3.4_pre6-r1:3.4
> That's what gentoo lists as dependencies (there's no clear reference of
> dependencies in the upstream source at all... just compile errors with
> weird missing references when you don't have these installed).
> -bcprov is packaged
> -commons-cli isn't
> -neither is log4j
> -swt is at 3.3.x
> Azureus needs swt 3.4 development version (3.4M6 is current). If we don't want to
> update swt to the development version, we're tied to the much older
> release, which needs some additional patches to compile from
> source.
Augh. Maybe we should go back to using the ones included with the
jarfile, since I think the java policy we've got is basically... "split
it if you can, don't bother if it's a hassle". This is starting to sound
like a hassle to me.

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