[arch-general] kernel26 2.6.25-1 enters [testing]

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Sun Apr 20 06:30:04 EDT 2008

Attila schrieb:
>> I didn't update any modules, so if there are new versions available for
>> any, please inform their maintainers. The following modules are
>> currently broken. I didn't do any research on those yet, so if anyone
>> knows something, please let me know.

I think you misunderstood me, I only said I didn't do any updates on the 
external module packages. I did however rebuild the ones that compiled 
against 2.6.25.

> I have to use nvida 173.08 (as suggested on the heise newsticker) because the
> compile of the kernelmodul with nvidia 169.12 fails. Perhaps the arch nvidia
> packages have a fix included so see this more as an info.

The fix has been available for a long time:

However, there seem to be problems with nvidia, according to Pierre. I 
didn't notice anything, but then I only started kdm, didn't even log in.

>> I wish you all happy testing.
> At the moment i can say that my minimal things as Sound and USB Stick mounting
> works as before.


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