[arch-general] Launchpad.net

Timm Preetz timm at preetz.us
Tue Apr 22 10:16:09 EDT 2008

On Tue, 2008-04-22 at 15:35 +0200, A. Klitzing wrote:
> Hi there,
> I registered "Arch Linux" to launchpad.net [1].
> I like the idea of a corporate platform for linux distributions. I
> don't want to replace existing infrastructure (flyspray, ...). But it
> will help (me and some other, I think) to mark a bug to be presence in
> Arch, too. I used a lot of bugtrackers and the bugtracker of
> launchpad works very nice (even LP lacks flyspray-support at the
> moment [4]).
> Maybe someone wants to work with Arch and launchpad, too, like
> forwarding bugs to Arch if needed. I'm open to add people to that team
> [2] or give ownership to developers.
> Also I asked for Arch-Support on PPA [3]. But that will be a low
> priority.

I don't want to destroy your plan, so have in mind that I am negative
about Launchpad when you read this ;)

First of all: why? Do you think anyone of the Ubuntu guys cares more if
a bug is also marked as being valid on Arch?

I mean (and that's imho part of the arch philosophy), the best thing is
to get bugs fixed upstream and not report them to "Ubuntu".

Second: Launchpad features may be nice (and even superior to self-hosted
stuff (eg. Trac)), but that only applies when you use most (read all)
parts of it. (Including bzr for example).

Last one: I bet PPA won't support building pacman-packages for the next
10+ years :) Is it a problem? Not really, isn't actually too hard to
create a cross-package as Arch only supports two architectures anyway...

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