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A. Klitzing aklitzing at online.de
Tue Apr 22 10:47:14 EDT 2008

> I don't want to destroy your plan, so have in mind that I am negative
> about Launchpad when you read this ;)

I have no "plan". ;-) I don't want to destroy any workflow of Arch.
It's just an additional help for people who uses launchpad for

> First of all: why? Do you think anyone of the Ubuntu guys cares more
> if a bug is also marked as being valid on Arch?

Well, you shouldn't bash against Launchpad because it's from Canonical
and they released Ubuntu. Most times people are against Ubuntu they are
just envy of their fast success. ;-) Anyway... I don't want to talk
about THAT. Ubuntu is nice but has some problems like every other
distro... but Ubuntu != Launchpad.

No one should report bugs to launchpad instead to Arch's flyspray (if
that will happen, I will forward it to flyspray). But you can link some
bug-reports of other distros (Gentoo, Fedora, Debian, ...) to a
flyspray-bug in Arch. It's nice to have those meta-bugtrackers because
you can see the progress in other distros and look for fixes.

Another example: https://bugs.launchpad.net/gentoo/+bug/203997
You can see that Distro XY needs to fix that security issue. (Idea: if
you link Arch to that, it could send an eMail to
security-issue at archlinux.org)

> I mean (and that's imho part of the arch philosophy), the best thing
> is to get bugs fixed upstream and not report them to "Ubuntu".

You won't report it to Ubuntu... most times it's already reported to
upstream (or will be forwarded to them) in launchpad and you can link
this to Arch.

> Second: Launchpad features may be nice (and even superior to
> self-hosted stuff (eg. Trac)), but that only applies when you use
> most (read all) parts of it. (Including bzr for example).

Of course... but meta-tracking bugs is a nice feature. Even if you
don't use anything other from LP.

I don't want to persuade you to use LP. If you don't want to use
it, you don't need it. ;-)
But maybe you will like some preferences of LP you don't know. ;-)

André Klitzing
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