[arch-general] Jacman. Problem installing packages (don't panic)

w9ya at qrparci.net w9ya at qrparci.net
Wed Feb 6 14:01:46 EST 2008

Hey Nigel and the gang;

Well, I *think* that unless someone wants to re-write and maintain jacman,
you would be best advised to not use it.

I would suggest 'yaourt' as a replacement. It works very nicely here for
what I need out of such a program, and it is being actively maintained as
pacman evolves.

Very best regards;

Bob Finch

P.S.. Jacman is a great idea, so *IF* someone brings it up to date, I am
sure it would be VERY popular.

> Jacman hasn't worked properly, as regards installing packages since I
> installed don't panic. Saying that I have been able to install the odd
> single  package, that has no deps, but as of today, even installing
> single packages  (alsaplayer as an example) fails.
> Jacman opens ok, and I click on "Install Packages", and that's ok, but
> when I  select a package to install, and click on "Install", a window,
> like a  terminal (CLI) (dialog window) opens. As soon as this window
> opens, the CPU  hits 100%. The output in this console says:
> resolving dependencies
> looking for inter-conflicts
> and in red
> proceed with installation? [Y/n]
> The bottom of the console window has "Done", "Yes", and "No" boxes, but
> none  are highlighted. As I've said, on the odd occasion I have been
> able to  install a single package, and in this case the Yes, and No
> boxes have been  highlighted, and the Done box is highlighted when the
> package is installed.
> Before I post a bug report for Jacman, has anyone any suggestions?
> Nigel.

Liviu Librescu - În veci pomenirea lui.
(May his memory be eternal.)

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