[arch-general] no x with new xorg-server and nvidia

Guillermo driadan at willinux.net
Mon Feb 11 17:25:52 EST 2008

El Monday 11 February 2008 23:17:55 Johannes Held escribió:
> Hi folks,
> right now, I updated my machine and X won't start!
> The new kernel, new xorg-server and nvidia-*.
> nvidia		169.09-2
> nvidia-utils	169.09-1
> xorg-server
> kernel26
> I updated normally but X won't start. All I get is a blank screen. I
> can't change back to ttys. The only thing that's working is CTRL+ALT+DEL
> to reboot my machine.
> I tried a few thing..
> pacman -Rd xorg-server nvidia nvidia-utils
> and installing them again
> pacman -S xorg-server
> pacman -S nvidia nvidia-utils
> everytime the symlink to libwfb.so in /usr/lib/xorg/modules is symlinked
> to the "real" libwfb.
> Having nvidia-* installed, it symlinks to libnvidia-wfb.so.169.09. If
> nvidia is not installed, it symlinks to libwfb.so.1.4
> Any ideas?
> I can't get any output of the starting X-Server, because I can't switch
> back to the tty.
> Thanks in advance.

Are you sure the nvidia* packages installed correctly? When I installed them 
both a few hours ago, one of them gave me some problems because of a simlink 
already there. I deleted the simlink and everything went fine after that.

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