[arch-general] ? regarding latest Dont Panic updates, and KDE4

richard terry rterry at gnumed.net
Thu Jul 31 00:05:39 EDT 2008

Just upgraded an arch box I've not done any upgrades on for over 12/12 (didn't 
even had /etc/pacman.d/ directories, not sure when they changed.

Had one problem - gcc-libs had to be manually upgraded, because x wouldn't 
start and was missing a file I think called libgcc_s.so.1.

However after that everything seems to work fine, though unfamiliar format cf 


> On Wednesday 30 July 2008 22:14, David Rosenstrauch wrote:
> > David Rosenstrauch wrote:
> > > If you want to stay with KDE3 short term, this forum thread tells you
> > > how.  (i.e., add a bunch of Ignore's to your pacman.conf.)
> >
> > Whoop!  Forgot to paste the thread URL:
> >
> > http://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=52416
> >
> > DR
> Thanks David. I was going to ask about that, but got distracted in replying
> to someone on another list.
> Nigel.
> Btw. thanks for your initial reply. I may let the upgrade to KDE4 procede
> on this machine, and see how it goes. I do have another instance of Don't
> Panic on another machine, and may well try to keep that running KDE3.5.
> Apt-get on my Fedora, and Debian based installs tells you how many packages
> are going to be upgraded. Pacman doesn't do that, and I havn't counted
> them, but there must be, in just scanning through the list about 120. Just
> how many are deps for the transition from KDE3.5 to KDE4, I've no idea.
> As I say, I'll probably let the transition from KDE3.5 to KDE4 procede on
> the new machine, and see what the new KDE4 looks like, and whether it
> performs as expected.

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