[arch-general] freetype2 with enabled tt bytecode interpreter, license issues?

Attila attila at invalid.invalid
Tue May 5 01:06:26 EDT 2009

On Dienstag, 5. Mai 2009 02:00 Gerardo Exequiel Pozzi wrote:

> Currently the only package afected are poppler* (or at least that I
> use/know).

Thanks for this infos.

> I was talking about kpdf, but this is an old example. In KDE4 Okular
> uses shared lib poppler, not a private copy. The same applies to Evince
> (from GNOME)
> So only poppler* is needed to be recompiled.

Okay, than i be on the safe side because i still stay with kde3 but with your
help i will be warned and know what i have to do, thanks again.

> Sample screenshots, can apreciate the problem:

Oh yes, the difference is realy big.

See you, Attila

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