[arch-general] kde dark themes

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E. drankinatty at suddenlinkmail.com
Wed May 20 01:48:49 EDT 2009


	If you haven't tried a dark theme for your kde desktop yet, you are missing 
out on some really cool looks. I toyed with dark themes over the years, but 
never really found one that worked. After being inspired to try again by 
senior Rosenstrauch posted one to the list, I took another look and came up 
with something I really like.

	It consists of color-themes for kde, emerald, and kate/kwrite. Other than 
that you just need to change the foreground color for konqueror and any of 
your web browsers, etc. I'll just post the links to the themes since you 
can't post it all here. Give it a shot, I bet you will like it.

    Small screenshots of the desktop theme and kicker background:



    kde color-schemes (import under kde control center -> colors):


    emerald theme for compiz (import in emerald theme manager):


    kate/kwrite/quanta color scheme (put in ~/.kde/share/config):


    A kicker background (kde control center -> Desktop -> Panel -> 


    There are a few alternate themes and backgrounds in the above directories, 
so you can pick and choose if you like.

	And DR, since you started this whole thing, and I appreciate it, if you 
notice the "R" icon on my kicker panel that is set atop flames, I've put two 
sizes on the server (40x40 and 140x140) just in case you have a use for 
them ;-) See:


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