[arch-general] Fresh install of 2009.08 -> hal, dbus, PK - no mount of usb for normal user (again...)

Ed Morgan ejr.morgan at gmail.com
Thu Nov 5 03:00:32 EST 2009

You may have already looked at/tried this, but all I did was use the hack in
here for PK to allow non-root users to mount removable drives and it all
works fine.


Hope this helps...
Ed Morgan

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2009/11/5 David C. Rankin <drankinatty at suddenlinkmail.com>

> Guys,
> I did a fresh install of 2009.08 on a new drive for my laptop. For the past
> 8 months, I have never gotten the freedesktop.org -- removable policy to
> work. (well, maybe for a week or so before the kernel change in July). I
> wanted to make sure I got it right this time so I haven't monkeyed with the
> policies yet.
> In kde4, all of my removable devices are properly recognized (usb sticks,
> 2.5" laptop drives connected via usb, etc.). Despite being recognized
> properly,
> (1) the user cannot access the drives - until root has accessed them (like
> opening konqueror su)
> (2) none of the drives are mounted for the user under /media - until root
> has accessed them
> What makes no sense to me is that after root has accessed the drives, the
> user can use them (I guess the actual "mount" occurs when root access the
> drives, even though kde4 shows them as connected for the user through the
> notifier popup in the task bar)
> I finally just wrote a script to mount removables under /mnt that can be
> called by the users (basically uses sudo to mount and case on partition name
> and size to mount the drives on the proper mount points)
> Something has got to give. I've wiki'ed myself into a coma and still -- no
> joy. If one of the arch mount-removable gurus would just slip me the secret,
> I would be much abliged :-) It has to be simple, but simplicity has escaped
> me for quite some time now. However, I am determined to get it right with
> the new install. I know the wiki well, but where is the other document that
> I can use along with the wiki to make sure I have a good working system?
> Thanks for any help you can give. Sincerely yours, "stumped by hal, dbus
> and PK. Rankin"
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