[arch-general] 1. Re: version control system for normal user (Magnus Therning)

Johannes Held mail at hehejo.de
Sat Aug 28 10:12:15 EDT 2010

Magnus Therning <magnus at therning.org>:
> True, but I still don't quite understand the point of the staging area.
>  I've
> never found a good use for it.  In short, I don't think the staging area is
> the feature that makes git a better option than Mercurial :-)
If you use it, you'll need it. :)
Short time ago, I didn't like the stage. I didn't want to "add" every file I
want to commit. But then I realized, that I really like to do many changes and
then group them into small commits.

git commits only the contents in stage. You can have some changes of a
file staged and others not.

I hadn't used git for a long time, until it was a requirement for my master
thesis. Now, I'm really a fanboy and the group's git guru.

git does really support my way of coding. BUT perhaps I've changed my style of
coding to match git? Who knows. …

Gruß, Johannes
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