[arch-general] intel video & suspend

Isaac Dupree ml at isaac.cedarswampstudios.org
Fri May 7 13:16:25 EDT 2010

On 05/07/10 04:13, Christoph Rissner wrote:
>>> Now from time to time (≈ once a week) when I wake it up, the screen
>>> remains black in both X and text console. Nothing can bring it back,
>> What about suspending again, perhaps waiting a few seconds, and resuming
>> again? Does that have a chance to help? (It helps me on my Intel
>> card's graphic glitches sometimes. I can do it easily because closing
>> the laptop lid causes suspend, and opening it causes wake-up...)
> I have a Pineview Integreted Controller (i915) in my eeepc and this
> happened to me twice (in the last month) after closing the lid, but I
> just issue "xset dpms force off" without suspending.

please inform us, what does "xset dpms force off" do?  And for what 
circumstances/purpose do you use it?  I looked in the man-page of 'xset' 
and found it, but I wasn't sure enough to risk using it in case it did 
something I didn't know how to get out of*

*like blanking my screen (see "off" + mentioning suspending), or like 
turning on "DPMS Energy Star Features" (see man-page, "Setting these 
values implicitly enables the DPMS features."), or something. Please 
tell us :-) and did you mean
-it's a preventative measure to screen-glitches?
-it's a remedy for screen glitches after they happen?
-it's an alternative to suspending for the purpose of saving power?

sorry :0)


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