[arch-general] Err... Why is gvim now conflicting with vim?

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Sat May 8 11:15:05 EDT 2010

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Hey just want to jump in here and say that I don't think it's a problem in
communication. We like Linux and especially Arch because it lets us do what
we want, and with power comes responsibility. That responsibility means that
one should do a kernel of research before asking for help. In this case it
took me less than a second to Google for 'arch vim gvim' and see that the
first item on the list was the news announce about the updated packages.

You can't have power without responsibility; I need the flexibility of Arch
to maintain a small cluster that combines security, centralized
administration, as well as the cutting edge software necessary for a
testbed, so I am willing to put some time into my system administration. I'm
not saying that everyone needs to invest that much time into maintaining
their systems, but if you can't be bothered to enter three keywords into
Google you really shouldn't be using Arch.


Well said sir.

On another note, I have seen some of David's postings where he was really trying to help people, e.g., his notes on setting up Apache etc from quite awhile back - he does seem to post a lot, and honestly I did start not paying attention to a lot of them, but I think he is a good guy, and we should be careful not to alienate users. 

Yes, while most of everything that has been said is true, everyone should remember that tone is very important and often reveals much more than the underlying factual content of what is attempting to be conveyed, even (or sometimes moreso) in textual conversation.

I understand that this sort of tone may be warranted, but I think at this point (hopefully), he gets it.  Keeping the tone positive I think is a good thing guys.



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