[arch-general] new pc; keep arch installation?

Rafael Beraldo rafaelluisberaldo at gmail.com
Tue May 25 10:13:00 EDT 2010

What nice ideas to prevent new installations...! I didn't know that it was
that easy to transfer a installation among different hardware.

2010/5/25 Figue <ffigue at gmail.com>

> El 25/05/10 15:46, Vincent Schut escribió:
>  Hi,
>> I'm going to get a new pc, replacing my now more than 5 years old pc. I
>> would like to keep my current arch installation, and hope to prevent the
>> need to do a full reinstall. I like the software I have, and I like the
>> configuration I have...
>> Could I just put my old harddisk (which is relatively new and still OK, I
>> have SMART enabled) in the new pc and reboot?
>> Both are amd 64 bit cpu's, the old one one of the first athlon 64's, the
>> new one a Phenom II X6 1035T (and my current arch linux install is 64bit)
>> Of course stuff like chipset, network chip, video etc. are all different.
>> For video that would be no problem, I could install other (current = nvidia,
>> new pc = ati) drivers from the text console. However, I'd like basic stuff
>> and network to work :-)
>> Could anyone give me an idea about the chance of luck for such an
>> operation? Tips, hints? Or would you just advise a clean install and install
>> and reconfigure all software again?
>> Regards,
>> Vincent Schut.
> Yes you can.
> Connect the hd but boot with a livecd (like Archiso), then mount proc, sys
> and dev and make a chroot on your partition (for example into /mnt/hd),
> something like this:
> mkdir /mnt/hd
> cd /mnt/hd
> mount -t proc proc proc/
> mount -t sysfs sys sys/
> mount -o bind /dev dev/
> chroot /mnt/hd
> Then reinstall kernel26 package or regenerate mkinitcpio image ;)
> Make sure in /etc/rc.conf have the correct modules and in /etc/fstab all
> entries are correct.
> Regards
> $(Figue)

Rafael Beraldo

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