[arch-general] [signoff] kernel 2.6.36-3

David C. Rankin drankinatty at suddenlinkmail.com
Thu Nov 4 02:57:35 CET 2010

On 11/03/2010 06:50 PM, Norbert Zeh wrote:
> Aah, it just hit me: the problem may in fact be fairly random in that it
> may depend on where the initramfs is stored.  So, if the BIOS is broken,
> you may be lucky to be able to boot under one kernel, and the next
> upgrade places things in a place on disk where the BIOS bug kicks in,
> and you're screwed.  So it has nothing to do with the kernel version,
> grub or dmraid in this case.  Do I understand this correctly?

I think that is exactly the understanding I got from Thomas, and it makes an
uncanny amount of sense. Though it doesn't have a 100% correlation, it does
explain why just about ever-other kernel has exhibited this problem.

I'll do a test. Right now I have 2.6.35-7 installed. I have upgraded to 2.6.35-8
(wouldn't boot), downgraded to 2.6.35-7 (worked), upgraded to 2.6.36-3 (wouldn't

So if this theory is correct, I should be able to start with 2.6.35-7 (working),
upgrade to 2.6.35-8 (expect failure), then upgrade directly to 2.6.36-3 and
(expect success) -- even though a direct update from 2.6.35-7 to 2.6.36-3
originally resulted in failure.

If this works I'll....

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