[arch-general] Upgrading while using a package (WAS: Re: pacman -Syu -- then tons of kio and kbuildsycoca warnings. Bug or coincidence?)

Eric Bélanger snowmaniscool at gmail.com
Tue Oct 19 09:15:02 EDT 2010

On Tue, Oct 19, 2010 at 8:35 AM, Joe(theWordy)Philbrook <jtwdyp at ttlc.net> wrote:
> It would appear that on Oct 14, Thomas Bächler did say:
>> My recommendations:
>> 1) If you are upgrading your desktop environment, exit your session,
>> quit your login manager and upgrade from the text console. I advise to
>> run pacman -Sywu from the desktop and when the download finishes, run
>> pacman -Su from the text console.
> OK, pardon my intrusion, but NOW I'm curious...
> I can understand the advantage of running "pacman -Su" from a text console (By
> which I don't mean using <ctrl>+<alt>+<F[1-6]> while the gui is still running.).
> It just makes sense, especially when pacman is expressly not a gui app. I can
> also understand that it might be better to run "pacman -Sywu" first as a
> separate operation. But why run the latter from the gui???

The idea behind doing the upgrade in 2 operations and doing "pacman
-Sywu" in the GUI is that it allows you to continue working in the GUI
while the packages are being downloaded. So you don't waste time in
the console waiting for pacman  to  download the packages.  Of course,
if you are not using the GUI or don't mind waiting, then you can just
run "pacman -Syu" in the console.

>> 2) Put all kernel-related packages on --ignore until you are planning to
>> reboot. If you are not going to reboot, a kernel update will have no
>> effect anyway.
> As a general rule I always reboot after any "pacman -Su" operation. If I
> wasn't prepared to reboot, I wouldn't upgrade my system.
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