[arch-general] Spell Checking in Emacs

Frédéric Perrin frederic.perrin at resel.fr
Thu Oct 21 09:52:27 EDT 2010

Le mercredi 20 à 22:47, Rthoreau a écrit :
> What would be ideal is to get Hunspell working if you follow the
> emacswiki I still do not have a valid Hunspell working on two operating
> systems.  One being Arch, the other OpenIndiana so I had to resort back
> to aspell for both.

Is the problem that you are sharing you .emacs between the two OSs, but
Hunspell is available on only one? In that case, what about:

(if (string-match "-ARCH" operating-system-release)
     (use hunspell)
  (fallback to aspell))


(if (executable-find "hunspell")
     (use hunspell...)
  (fallback to aspell))


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