[arch-general] {external, general}ized hooks in key packages [kernel26, ???] (WAS: Re: Reboot - Versioned Kernel Installs)

David Campbell davekong at archlinux.us
Mon Jun 13 15:53:19 EDT 2011

Excerpts from Timothy L.'s message of 2011-06-13 15:10:16 -0400:
> ...
> I'm a novice when it comes to this kind of stuff, but adding
> simple hooks doesn't seem to needlessly complicate a user's
> system. It's something a user would never notice unless they
> actually needed to use the functionality it provided.

Just to clarify, when people talk about keeping it simple and the
Arch way, they are not talking about having a simple, clean
interface for the user, they are talking about keeping the system
itself simple, as to reduce the likelihood of bugs, to make
maintenance simpler, to make extending the system easier, etc..
David Campbell

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