[arch-general] Why not create a new repo specified for games ?

Leonid Isaev lisaev at umail.iu.edu
Tue Nov 1 17:01:33 EDT 2011

On (11/01/11 20:45), Mauro Santos wrote:
-~> On 01-11-2011 17:34, Leonid Isaev wrote:
-~> > On (11/01/11 16:40), Matej Ľach wrote:
-~> > -~> I support this idea.
-~> > -~> Keep most games in AUR and the more popular ones can have their
-~> > -~> own repo [games] on a separate server.
-~> > -~> This server could be community financed using donations and if not
-~> > -~> enough interest will be raised for new repo, all these huge games
-~> > -~> can be moved to AUR and the smaller ones can stay in [community].
-~> > -~> 
-~> > -~> That's my view at it.
-~> > -~> 
-~> > 
-~> > +1, but what I can't understand is why the MiB size is a figure of merit?
-~> > Instead a more relevant question, imho, is why waste server resources and time
-~> > on bad software?
-~> > 
-~> > Most of these games are either from 1990 era or developed simply for fun and
-~> > have poor quality, especially compared to multi-million budgeted Windows games.
-~> > And look at the number of game pkgs per TU in community. Most likely these
-~> > packages are simply being routinely rebuilt without seeing much usage.
-~> > 
-~> So in short you mean the community should dismiss free linux games only
-~> because they have low usage and are developed/maintained in the spare
-~> time of their maintainers/developers, which most of the times have very
-~> small or nonexistent budgets and instead favor multi-million budgeted
-~> games which most of the times although pretty and shinny are utter
-~> rubbish in every other respect.
-~> By that logic we might as well stop using gnu/linux in the desktop since
-~> the global usage falls within statistical uncertainty levels or as some
-~> would would like it to be, a rounding error.
-~> -- 
-~> Mauro Santos

Games are like movies -- w/o budget they become reality shows. For comparison,
gcc IS competitive with intel/PG compilers. Besides, what is the serious GPU
(i.e.  not Intel) support in linux, when you also consider performance? Similar
to MacOS and well below Win.

Leonid Isaev
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