[arch-general] Why not create a new repo specified for games ?

Heiko Baums lists at baums-on-web.de
Tue Nov 1 18:07:34 EDT 2011

People, what about just stopping this discussion?

This topic was discussed so many times in too long threads here on the
mailing list, always with the same old arguments for both sides, and
always with the same result: Nothing was changed because there's no

If the package size was the reason, I'm pretty sure that those packages
would have been removed from the repos by the devs and TUs long ago, or
they would have found another solution.

Any other reasons are just psychological, that e.g. game haters don't
see the games by running a pacman -Ss.

And people who are addicted to games and think they can help themselves
by not having games in the repos betray themselves, because it's so
easy to adding another [games] repo to pacman.conf, and they most likely
would do it. This would in fact be the only reason for having a separate
[games] repo I can see.

And then the ideas of [community-extra] etc. What's the point of that?
Either a [games] repo or nothing.

And keep the Arch philosophy in mind: KISS

So I bet, this discussion will get you nowhere.


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