[arch-general] EFI-Support (Arch on a MacBook Pro)

Arvid Warnecke arvid at nostalgix.org
Sun Apr 15 14:17:09 EDT 2012

On Sat, Apr 14, 2012 at 04:19:13PM -0400, Scott Lawrence wrote:
> >>>>What I have been wondering about now is, if it will be possible to
> >>>>install Arch without rEFIt and the Mac OS X at all? I read a lot in the
> >>>>wiki pages, but all I found was that if I install Arch only with EFI
> >>>>support I will have to install GRUB2. And on the page about GRUB2 I
> >>>>read, that I will have to bless GRUB2 from OS X...
> >>>>
> >>>It's my understanding that with linux 3.3, it's possible to get EFI
> >>>to boot straight to linux. I don't know the specifics - I mean to
> >>>give it a stab early this weekend. If I still have a working
> >>>computer afterwords, I'll let you know what happens (provided nobody
> >>>else interjects with something more useful).
> >>>
> >>Thanks, looking forward to it.
> >>
> My cd writer is apparently dead (gets to 60-80% and dies), so I'll
> be contributing no useful information. Sorry
Too bad. Apple drive? Seems that the drives break really that often.

> However, it seems that using an archboot[1] livecd[2] is the way to
> go - a simple install should give you grub2 properly set up, and
> from there it's just a matter of configuration.
> [1] https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Archboot
> [2] http://cosmos.cites.illinois.edu/pub/archlinux/iso/archboot/2012.01/
I stumbled upon the Archboot disks, but I haven't been sure if it would
be an option, because I read somewhere that they are not officially

> By the way, if you intend to go the dwm/xmonad route, I've created a
> version of pommed (the hotkeys handler) with unnecessary
> dbus/wmaker/gnome/ambient-light-sensor support torn out, along with
> the bugs it had. pommed-light in AUR. The main version of pommed
> tends to sit at 2% CPU usage because it's constantly polling the
> ambient light sensor, and it can't tolerate dbus not being running.
I will take a look, sounds good.

> Good luck.

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