[arch-general] Upgraded kmod, but --ignored linux & glibc, modules still in /lib - can I reboot safely?

Ike Devolder ike.devolder at gmail.com
Sun Jul 15 01:50:07 EDT 2012

Op zondag 15 juli 2012 00:35:58 schreef David C. Rankin:
> Tom, All,
>   I see the glibc /lib move is out of testing. I updated with --ignore
> linux,glibc and received an install warning from kmod stating:
> ==> Kernel modules are now only read from /usr/lib/modules...
>   My modules are still shown in /lib. Does this mean I cannot reboot safely
> and expect it to work? Since I wanted to delay install of the new kernel
> and glibc, should I also have excluded kmod?

Now is not the time for doing partial updates, my personal idea about this is: 
you should have waited with your update or just updated everything.

To answer your real question: you can no longer safely reboot.
You could indeed try by downgrading kmod below 'kmod 9-2' but there is no 
guarantee that anything will work.
If you have any other extra kernel modules installed, you also should have 
ignored them until you are willing to do a complete upgrade.

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