[arch-general] TexLive custom classes problem.

Vladimir Lomov lomov.vl at gmail.com
Wed Jul 18 07:48:22 EDT 2012

** Jayesh Badwaik [2012-07-18 16:34:49 +0530]:

> Hi,

> I am unable to get custom .cls files detected by the latex program. 
> I have a file "jbnotebook.cls" which works fine when it is placed in 
> the same directory as the the file main.tex. So, the file itself is 
> not a problem.  Also,

> [me at localhost]$ kpsewhich -var-value=TEXMFHOME 
> /home/jayesh/.local/share/texmf

This is wrong! The `TEXMFHOME' is `$HOME/texmf' by default.

> So far so good. I have placed my file jbnotebook.cls at the 
> following location
> /home/jayesh/.local/share/texmf/tex/latex/jbnotebook/jbnotebook.cls

> Also, for sake of trying to make things work, I have the following 
> file
> /home/jayesh/texmf/tex/latex/jbnotebook/jbnotebook.cls

> And texhash has been run on both the texmf folder and they contain 
> ls-R which is correct.

`TEXMFHOME' doesn't have to have `ls-R', moreover it is recommended that
users have to delete that file in `TEXMFHOME'.

> Now,
> [me at localhost]$  kpsewhich -var-value=TEXMF    
> {/home/jayesh/.texlive/texmf-config,/home/jayesh/.texlive/texmf-
> var,!!/home/jayesh/.local/share/texmf,!!/etc/texmf,!!/var/lib/texmf,!!/usr/share/texmf,!!/usr/local/share/texmf,!!/usr/share/texmf-
> dist}

> And still when I run the latex command, it tells me that the 
> jbnotebook.cls is not found. 

> What can be the problem?

I don't know, but can give some advices:

1. in order to check that `latex' will find a file run
$ kpsewhich FILE
for example
$ kpsewhich article.cls

It is better to use a package to install class file. However, if such
package doesn't exist there are at least two ways to install the class:
simple-and-messy and a "proper".

2. (simple-and-messy) create a directory `TEXMFHOME/tex/latex/PACKAGE'
and place there `cls' and `sty' files.

Do 1.

WBR, Vladimir Lomov

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