[arch-general] My end-user $0.02 on /etc/rc.conf splitting.

Fons Adriaensen fons at linuxaudio.org
Mon Jul 23 05:05:10 EDT 2012

On Mon, Jul 23, 2012 at 10:30:37AM +0200, Nicolas Sebrecht wrote:
> The 22/07/12, Fons Adriaensen wrote:
> > Simple example: I didn't have consolekit for some years, and I don't
> > care about whatever it has to offer.
> ...This may be why you don't understand benefits of such tools...

If you could point out the benefits it could have for me
please do. Until some recent xdm update I didn't have ck,
and everything worked exactly as I wanted it. That is still
the case, so at best ck is useless for me, it just eats

> ...and why you think it's only comsuming resources.

So what else is it doing ? Please tell me why you think 
I need it. Mount usb keys as a normal user ? I can arrange
that without ck. Change ownership of some things to a
'local' login ? I don't want that to happen. Anything
else ?


A world of exhaustive, reliable metadata would be an utopia.
It's also a pipe-dream, founded on self-delusion, nerd hubris
and hysterically inflated market opportunities. (Cory Doctorow)

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