[arch-general] Shutdown and reboot not working after last weekend update

Victor Silva vfbsilva at gmail.com
Tue Jun 12 23:50:56 EDT 2012

2012/6/12 Martti Kühne <mysatyre at gmail.com>

> On Tue, Jun 12, 2012 at 06:26:59PM -0300, Victor Silva wrote:
> > So can I justremove it and check what happens? This makes sense as
> nepomuk
> > keeps indexing all the contents of the machine. I will try to remove it
> and
> > check what happens. Which part of the logs gave you the hint about
> nepomuk?
> >
> > Regards,
> > Victor
> >
> well, that's what I could tell from the log you posted in [0].
> line 21 contained a program name and a shared object.
> sorry, and sorry for saying "that was the problem". I should have made
> clearer
> these things aren't usually the culprit. the process in question isn't
> running
> when you log in to tty, though? and tty also hangs comparably to what you
> described with X?
> There was a way that made old kernels dump all syslog to tty12, which I
> think
> was removed from syslog.conf. I only know I left it in however, if shutting
> down immediately crashes, sleep 2 && shutdown; <ctrl-alt-f12> could work...
> Also, please answer below, not above previous posts.
> cheers!
> mar77i
> [0] http://pastebin.com/HjwGvDsp
Oki, I'm new to the mailing lists so sorry if I missbehave a bit. :) A
thing I've noticed is for some reason /dev/sdb5 which is my /boot partition
in another harddisk keeps mounted after the boot process which was not the
previous behaviour as far as I can remmember. I googled a bit and found no
reasons to make it noauto. Can it be related to the problem?


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